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 [Taito] Warrior Blade: Rastan Saga Episode III

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PostSubject: [Taito] Warrior Blade: Rastan Saga Episode III   [Taito] Warrior Blade: Rastan Saga Episode III Icon_minitimeMon Jul 04, 2016 6:42 pm

Arcade (1991):
1-2 players

Note: Japanese exclusive that used 2 monitors(which is kind of awkward in MAME, but much more visible than a 3 monitor game, like The Ninja Warriors. You see the split between the screens this time, though).

Rastan(pictured below), Sophia, Dewey(You can see where they excel on the character select screen)

[Taito] Warrior Blade: Rastan Saga Episode III Warrio10

Button 1: Attack (repeat for combo. Dewey does a quick multi-hit strike series when you tap the button quickly, which can be turned into a reverse punch with away & 1.)
1, then away quickly: Reverse attack(Sophia doesn't have this)
Button 2: Jump
2, 1: Jump attack (Depending on whether you press it as he's rising or descending, Dewey has a different move)
1 & 2: Special attack (Rastan and Sophia can do theirs while jumping. Sophia can alternatively do hers by pressing 1, then 1 again as the whip extends all the way[just as it seems like it's about to touch the ground]. Sophia sometimes does an alternate special attack as well. If you pull off the whip one, and hold the buttons down, Sophia may tie an enemy up, which only lasts for a few seconds. Press away during this to throw them.)
2, land, then immediately press 1(repeatedly): Strike into special attack combo (Rastan has a shorter combo than the others)
Left/Right & 1 & 2: Somersault (Dewey only, can attack if you can land it on enemies)
Down & 1 & 2/1 near a fallen enemy: Downward strike
Button 3: Special/Desperation (costs health no matter what)
Left, Left/Right, Right: Run
Run, 1: Running strike
Run, 2: Running jump attack
Run, 1 & 2: Alternate running jump attack (Sophia doesn't have this)
Walk into enemy: Grab (not all enemies can be grabbed)
Grab, 1: Strike (repeat for combo)
Grab, any direction & 1: Throw
Grab, away, or Grab, 2: Release enemy(cancel grab)
Grab, 1 & 2: Grab special(Rastan doesn't have this)

Thanks to Arthanda's guide:

During boss battles, your characters stance will change, and fewer moves will be at their disposal. You can choose the order of which you want to play each of the 4 starting stages. Three of the stages start off in unique fashion. Between stages, you may have a random even of good or bad luck. Often bad luck forces another stage upon you. You gather items by walking over them. These can include upgrading your weapon(very visibly noticeable), adding fire projectiles to your attacks, or even health restoration. One item summons a wizard, who does nothing, until you kick him in the ass. Use him before you get to a boss battle, as the boss will send him away.

If I understand this correctly, the better you're doing at the game, the more stages you'll come across(unless you increase the difficulty in the dipswitch settings in the Tab button menu, where you'll have all the stages anyway). So if you haven't been doing well, chances are you'll be at the final stage once you're done with the initial 4. Most likely, the better you do, and the more stages you have, the better the ending will be.
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[Taito] Warrior Blade: Rastan Saga Episode III
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