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 [Taito] Riding Fight

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PostSubject: [Taito] Riding Fight   [Taito] Riding Fight Icon_minitimeMon Jul 04, 2016 4:54 pm

Arcade (1992):
1-2 players

Characters: Burn(player 1, shown below) and Keith(player 2)

[Taito] Riding Fight Riding10

Button 1 : Attack
Button 2: Jump
2, 1: Jump kick
1 & 2: Uppercut
Toward enemy & 1 & 2 while extremely close: Throw (non-boss human enemies only)
Button 3: Special (requires the power meter to be filled enough for a special move name to appear to the left of the meter. The more full the meter, the more powerful the special attack).

You have to aim attacks toward enemies, as your character has a wider range of motions, and enemies can attack from angles they normally can't in other beat 'em ups. Your character is on a hoverboard until some boss battles, at which point the controls remain exactly the same. Your character just jump kicks with his feet, instead of his board. Picking up weapons requires knocking one out of enemies hands and bumping into it, basically catching it as it falls(though it really doesn't take much to lose it). There are certain crates you can break to gather food items to restore health. The game is essentially on rails, and is fairly quick at 5 stages.
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[Taito] Riding Fight
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