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 [Taito] Growl/Runark

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PostSubject: [Taito] Growl/Runark   [Taito] Growl/Runark Icon_minitimeThu Jun 30, 2016 12:15 am

Arcade & Genesis (1990):
1-4 players(MAME defaults on 2, which allows the players to choose characters, unlike the 3 4 player options, which are basically the same as The Ninja Kids 4 player options. Genesis version is 1 player).

Runark being the Japanese title.

Gen, Burn, Khan, and Jack(you can see their stats at the character select screen. Also, it took the Genesis version to get their names).

[Taito] Growl/Runark Growl10
^Arcade version

Button 1/A: Attack/pick up object/use weapon
Forward & 1, when close enough: Shoulder tackle (good for a quick disarming, appears to be arcade only)
Button 2/B: Jump
2/B, 1/A: Jump kick
1/A & 2/B simultaneously/C: Spinning kick(when close enough to an enemy. There are 2 types, I think it may be not moving, and holding a direction, but don't quote me on it. Up/Down makes the difference in the Genesis version, which can also cost health when used in that version)/drop weapon

If an enemy is hunched over, and you're unarmed, you can attack them in different ways depending on where you stand. Attacks I've seen include stomping, axe handles to the back, knees to the face, and grabbing them by the collar and slamming them around from side to side. These might be controllable by holding a direction, but as the game has no qualms about throwing 14 or more enemies at you at a time, it's a little too difficult to experiment with.

The Genesis has the usual console port downgrades, but can still throw upwards of 10 enemies at the player with little to no slowdown(it can easily do 9 with 3 eagles onscreen and no slowdown). It gives the player 3 continues, but the player has to be ready to commit to the one character from the very beginning.

On the whole, this game is more about the number of enemies it throws at you, the assistance you get from animals(the game has an anti-poaching theme to it), and the number of objects you can interact with and the weapons you can pick up and use, than it is about deeper brawling mechanics.
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PostSubject: Re: [Taito] Growl/Runark   [Taito] Growl/Runark Icon_minitimeThu Nov 03, 2016 11:09 am

I love animals, so this game has my attention.
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[Taito] Growl/Runark
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