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 [Taito] The Ninja Warriors games

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PostSubject: [Taito] The Ninja Warriors games   [Taito] The Ninja Warriors games Icon_minitimeWed Jun 29, 2016 10:53 pm

The Ninja Warriors:
Arcade, Commodore Amiga, Commodore 64, Amstrad CPC, Sega CD, Atari ST, PC Engine(TurboGrafx-16), and ZX Spectrum (1987):
1-2 players(as robots, player 1 has the red female appearance, and player 2 the blue male appearance)

[Taito] The Ninja Warriors games Ninjaw10

Controls(arcade version):
Button 1: Knife
Button 2: Shuriken
Up: Jump
Down: Crouch

You can combine jumping and crouching with the attacks, and it will be the same exact moves, just jumping or crouching while doing them. The shuriken are limited, so it would be wise to save those. Tougher enemies may net some extra shuriken. Enemies will bleed, but it's not on the level of Mortal Kombat or anything. As your characters get low on health, they begin to partially reveal their robot forms(the picture above shows the players characters robot chest). Upon total defeat the whole robot body is shown as they blow up.

It's a very simple game, which is kind of unfortunate as this is also the year that sees the release of Double Dragon. However, it looks amazing considering it was released during the 8-bit console era.

The arcade version used 3 monitors, so it may be awkward to look at in MAME(and that's why the picture above is so long).

The ports are usually of varying quality, and I'm not sure if any are recommended.

Ninja Warriors/Ninja Warriors: The New Generation/Ninja Warriors Again:
SNES/Super Famicom (1994):
1 player

[Taito] The Ninja Warriors games 220px-10

This one was developed by Natsume, but still published by Taito

Ninja(large blue male), Kunoichi(red female, pictured above), Kamaitachi(robot form, with pants, shoulder pads, and back of arm sickles)

Ninja is obviously the strong character. Kamaitachi seems to attack the fastest, so I suppose that would make Kunoichi the average character.

*Y: Attack(up to 3 times with Ninja, and up to 5 times with the others, provided they're facing durable enough enemies)/pick up objects/throw objects
*Hold Y: Guard
*Y, Y, Up & Y: Ninja's blaster combo(requires the blaster meter to be full, despite only using up 5 bars)
*Y,Y,Y,Y, Up & Y: Kunoichi & Kamaitachi's blaster combos(requires the blaster meter to be full, despite only using up 5 bars)
*Down & Y when extremely close to an enemy: Jump and downward kick(Kamaitachi only)
*B: Jump
*B, Y: Jump attack(Ninja can move his up/downward with Up/Down respectively)
*Forward & B, Y: Alternate jump attack(Ninja doesn't have this)
*Forward & B, Away & Y: Reverse jump kick(Kunoichi only. She'll kick off the opponent in front of her, then jump away and kick any potential opponent behind her. Away & Y must be done as she's about to touch the enemy in font of her. It may be possible for the player to keep this going for a while, as long as the enemies are durable enough.)
*Forward & B: Special dash for Ninja(will attack if it reaches an enemy)
*Y: alternate dash attack for Ninja
*Down: Crouch
*Y: Crouch attack (same potential strike combos as standing)
*Y, Y, Up & Y: Ninja's blaster combo(requires the blaster meter to be full, despite only using up 5 bars)
*Y,Y,Y,Y, Up & Y: Kunoichi & Kamaitachi's blaster combos(requires the blaster meter to be full, despite only using up 5 bars)
*B: Dash attack
*X: Blaster (special, requires the blaster meter to be full)
*Walk into enemy: Grab (except Kamaitachi. Instead Forward & Y after striking a more durable enemy, in his case, will grab and kick them)
*Y/forward & Y/Away & Y: throw
*Up & Y: Alternate throw
*Down & Y: Grab attack(Kunoichi strikes, Ninja does an atomic drop)

The *'s mainly exist because of the lengthy explanation of Kunoichi's reverse jump kick.

Thanks to Silpheed2x for some of the finer points of the games move set:

Well, on one hand you have infinite continues, but on the other hand, you have to start from the beginning of the stage you just lost, whereas it's arcade predecessor allowed you to pick up right were you left off, for coins. It's also surprising to see that there's not any blood in this version, as it was released the year Nintendo decided to let that sort of thing go, since the ESRB was now established anyway.
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[Taito] The Ninja Warriors games
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