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 [Sega] Dragon Wang

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PostSubject: [Sega] Dragon Wang   Fri Jun 03, 2016 6:45 pm

SC-1000 (1985):
1-2 players

To explain the console: This was Sega's first console, released on the same day in 1983 as the Nintendo Famicom(Japan's NES). Unlike that console, it remained a Japanese exclusive. It didn't sell the same numbers as the Famicom(probably due to being on par with an Intellivision), but it still exceeded Sega's expectations, and thus was successful enough to get a 2nd revision, called the Mark II. Which then got a sequel console called the Mark III, which the few North Americans(not to mention the fair amount of Europeans and the many Brazilians) who knew it existed and got one, know as the Sega Master System.

Either button: Kick
Up: Jump

Usual combination(Up & button jump kicks, slightly different when forward is added to the mix). Another game by Sega that is reminiscent of Irem's Kung Fu Master. This is incredibly difficult, so it's hard to tell what exactly the objective is. I've managed to beat the first boss once, which gets you one of 3 keys(which restores your health when you collect them), and I couldn't tell you what to do from there. The knife throwing enemies here(which thankfully only take 1 hit) seem less predictable, but if all else fails, you can jump higher than their high thrown knives.
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[Sega] Dragon Wang
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