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 [Sega] Kung Fu Kid/Makai Retsuden/Sapo Xule: O Mestre do Kung Fu

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PostSubject: [Sega] Kung Fu Kid/Makai Retsuden/Sapo Xule: O Mestre do Kung Fu   Fri Jun 03, 2016 6:12 pm

Master System (1987):
1-2 players

1: Jump
2: Kick

2, Then 1 obviously jump kicks, while Down & 2 does a low kick/leg sweep. If you manage to collect cards, Up & 2 will through them in a curving pattern, similar to Medusa heads in Castlevania, though they won't travel farther than half the screen.

This game is very similar to Irem's Kung Fu Master, down to enemies piling on, and hugging the life out of your character. The difference(other than the card item, inability to punch, not strictly indoors location, platforms in some stages, and small enemies that can be hit to take out multiple enemies) is that you can, and for the most part probably should, jump over most of the stage, in order to reserve enough life to fight the bosses. If you reach the end, the boss won't show up unless you've taken out any stragglers that followed your character.

There's really not much to say about it. It's a very simple game that could just as easily not be seen as a beat 'em up, but as mentioned earlier, has a very similar vibe to Kung Fu Master, which is effectively the genre's progenitor.
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[Sega] Kung Fu Kid/Makai Retsuden/Sapo Xule: O Mestre do Kung Fu
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