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 [Sega] Samurai

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PostSubject: [Sega] Samurai   Fri Jun 03, 2016 4:39 pm

Arcade (1980):
1-2 players

There's only 1 button, but when you press it determines the position of your characters sword when you go to attack/hold the button down. The sword remains above his head when you don't press anything, which is useful for deflecting shuriken thrown by the ninja on the above roof. When you press/hold the button the first time, the sword will be at an upper angle. Held like that, your character can defeat his enemies from below. Next, it will be completely horizontal, which when held, your character can walk into the enemies from the side. Lastly, the sword will be at a lower angle, which is effective for enemies below. If you want to hold the sword at a certain angle, like for example you last had it horizontal, and want to get it back to an upper angle, you can just press the button twice and hold it down the second time. You also tend to move your character around much faster when the button is held down.

As this is a game from 1980, the graphics tend to be rather few in colors. Your character is red, including flesh and clothing, like the lives counter above, and score/text below. The generic samurai enemies he dispatches are in dark blue(like most of the background walls), with yellow heads with black hair. They die in one hit, for the record, as does your character. When he's dispatched them all, a boss character in light blue(like the roofs and Sega copyright) shows up, and if your character beats him(again, 1 hit), he re-spawns, which, if beaten again, then allows you to move onto the next stage with your lives in tact. If your character loses to either one, you move onto the next stage with 1 less life. Most of the background is black.

Starting with the 2nd stage, a samurai will appear on the lower roof and fire a grappling hook. If your character touches the hook itself, he will be stuck in place, only able to switch the side he's facing, and wield the sword as normal. Otherwise it makes a temporary wall(when fired all the way, he'll retract the grappling hook, and start again), which can be cut to move on, if you feel the need to. There are samurai on the sides, with grappling hooks that may fire off if your character gets too close. Should these capture your character, it's easy enough to turn him around and cut him free in this case. As your character dispatches enemies and more show up, there will be fewer along the sides.

Overall, this is one of, if not THE first game to feature melee fighting against multiple enemies. Definitely the possible precursor to the hack 'n slash side of the beat 'em up genre.

According to GameFAQs, the game was only released in North America, but some of the text, especially in the score area, remains in Japanese. Also, M.A.M.E. can't seem to play the game with sound yet.
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[Sega] Samurai
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