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 Rushing Beat Remake 2016 v2.0 by WSE

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Don Vecta


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PostSubject: Rushing Beat Remake 2016 v2.0 by WSE   Thu Dec 31, 2015 5:55 am

*Final Edition 2016 v2.0*

Compatible only with SORR v5.1
Issues from using outdated versions of SORR will be disregarded.

I had to welcome 2016 with a release... besides, I'm sure many of you in January the 1st will be lazy at home, so... play this bitch! The last mod of 2015 and the first of 2016!

This is the most recent version of the Rushing Beat Remake mod for SORmaker. This is considered the Final Edition and fully compatible with SORRv5.1 only as it uses most of the features available in the latest build.

This new mod, compared with the old version features:

  • New breakable objects, resembling the ones from the original Rushing Beat/Rival Turf
  • Three unique hidden alternate routes, completely new.
  • A whole new interface of graphics, fonts and design never seen in a mod before.
  • Re-balancing in difficulty, adapted to the new v5.1 AI difficulty.
  • Consumable items like food and points belonging to the original Rushing Beat, along with new custom made items.

From the old build:

A perfect transition of the classic SNES beat 'em up Rushing Beat/Rival Turf! into the SOR style.

This mod features:

  • Exact color palettes and names of enemies roleplaying the mooks from both Rival Turf!/Rushing Beat.
  • Scenes from the game cleanly resized to match the SORR resolution (320 x 240), yet keeping the pixel perfect native resolution from the original.
  • Perfect enemy positioning emulating the one in the original game.
  • Scaled difficulty for Very Hard and Mania (extra enemies, more energy to bosses, etc.).
  • Story line (or more likely epilogue) inspired from the original Rushing Beat (including a translated ending).
  • Faithful soundtrack of the original game.
  • GRANDMASTER CHALLENGE available only for Very Hard or Mania players, offering remixed music, champion edition scenes, extra palettes and "characters" and a very challenging difficulty.

IMPORTANT: This mod MUST be played along with the data and custom palettes folder in order to make all the features appear, otherwise, the mod will feel odd and out of place as it is heavily edited.

How to install:

  1. DON'T OVERWRITE THE CONTENT IN THE OLD BUILD! Make this a fresh, new mod! Forget the old build existed!
  2. Unzip the contents from the .rar file.
  3. Folder "Rushing Beat Remake FE v2.0" goes in the SORR/mod/games folder
  4. Folder "data" goes in the root folder of SORR
  5. The contents of the folder "Rushing Beat palettes" should replace the ones of SORR/palettes/enemies. If using the Palette Manager application, place the folder in the SORR/palettes/enemies/Custom folder. Then with the Palette Manager application, select the Rushing Beat palettes option.

Tips and trivia:

  • For perfect tribute gameplay, may I recommend using Axel as Rick Norton/Jack Flak or Max as Douglas Bild/Oozie Nelson.
  • If you want the exact experience of the game play it in Hard or Below. However, Very Hard and Mania players are rewarded with a very extensive challenge mode that will put your skills to test.
  • Take in mind the original game had very few energy items so be sharp, even though the swarms are not too big (usually max 3 or 4 enemies per wave) if played carelessly would be too hard for you.
  • Play it with the custom palettes included in the file to enjoy the tribute at its fullest.

Enjoy, looking forward for your feedback.

Special thanks to:

CajNatalie, Soni Chan, BigDarsh and Mr. Din for beta testing.

Joshiro & GlassJawBoxer for the graphic updates in custom items.

Big Darsh for his killer Sound Pack.

And definitely you for playing this mod.

v2.0. December 31st, 2015. Withering Surface Entertainment.

Download link (mirrors are always welcome):

An only rar, containing the main mod, the data folder and the custom palette folder. 
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PostSubject: Re: Rushing Beat Remake 2016 v2.0 by WSE   Sun Nov 27, 2016 5:46 am

The link is dead =)
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PostSubject: Re: Rushing Beat Remake 2016 v2.0 by WSE   Sun Nov 27, 2016 10:27 am

Thanks ! it worked

Edit after finishing it :

- It isnt bad at all concidering the original material, we have to be honest the trilogy Rushing beat is not good beside few good ideas here and there, it stay pretty low compared to the top of the genre.

I liked the palettes work, names and sound effect being respectfull even the transitions look good, i enjoyed playing it and i can tell that because i actually finished it, when it's just crap i cut out from stage 1/2 already.

The difficulty is not over the top so you can manage to play something correct with the useless main characters too (i died once on this broken Shiva, i really dont know what they did in his AI script but they managed to really make a hell of an annoying enemy compared to the original that was badass at least. ) I note two bad points (it's not to the author it's just the old game itself that cause this problem)

The music and the lenght of the game, again i know the original is fucking damn long, even the speedrun take an eternity... that pointed out, the long stages play a bad role on the very "short" loops of melody that the OST is, making it repeat so many times that you pass from "enjoying the old school style" to "omg when it's over ??? i dont wanna ear another loop of this ! "
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PostSubject: Re: Rushing Beat Remake 2016 v2.0 by WSE   

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Rushing Beat Remake 2016 v2.0 by WSE
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