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 [Data East] Night Slashers

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PostSubject: [Data East] Night Slashers    Sat Mar 28, 2015 9:49 am

Arcade (1993):
1-3 players (adjustable in MAMES F2 button dipswitch setting. 2 player and 3 player both allow the player to choose their character, but 3 player makes players start the game with the attack button, instead of Start)

As a note, the Korean parent rom will be censored, with no way to undo that. Most clone roms, including the U.S. version, will have an option in the F2 dipswitch settings. It's still as gory when censored, just with green blood, instead of red.

The 3 playable characters are monster hunters. Christopher is a vampire hunter, who is the games average character. Hong-Hua is the only female, and the fast character. Jake is the strong character, noted by his metal arm coverings, like Jax in Mortal Kombat.

Button 1: Attack/Pick up items/Use weapons
Button 2: Jump
Button 3: Desperation

Hold 1 until the blue circle completes, and gets stronger, then let go for a special attack(this can be done for unique moves when jumping, or during a grab, the latter of which is very hard hitting if you can pull it off on bosses, but it's also risky because of the time needed to charge). Hold 1 until the circle glows orange/gold, and then release it for a stronger version of this attack(it's not noticeably stronger during jumps/grabs though). If you hold it for too much longer after it's glowing, you'll make your own character dizzy. When low on health, Christopher and Hong Hua have an extra move by holding 1 down until the circle completes/glows, and pressing Down, Down/forward, forward, then releasing 1(Christopher's can be hard to aim though, but incredibly powerful if you pull it off). 2, 1 jump attacks. Forward & 2, 1 alternate jump attacks(though it's the same move for Jake). 2/forward & 2, Down & 1 dive attacks, but this move will drive enemies into the ground, where you can then kick them in the face with 1, when close enough(this can also be done with bosses). Double tap Left/Right to run, and when doing so, press 1 to attack. When running you can do the jump attacks you would with forward & 2. 2, 3 will perform the most powerful, and health costly, desperation attack. 1 & 2 pressed simultaneously will perform a weaker desperation attack, that costs less health to use. Walk into an enemy to grab(Jake can walk around with the enemy). During grabs you have a 3 strike combo with 1(Jake slams them into the ground, but it's essentially the same, just looks different). Forward/away & 1 will throw the enemy. Forward/away & 2 will slide enemies along the ground. Christopher and Hong-Hua players can press Down & 2 for a fairly hard hitting attack. Jake players, on the other hand, can press Down & 1 & 2 for a great crowd control move.

Some sections of the game have your character running. During these sections you can only do a basic attack(which has a new animation for these parts), or basic jump attacks, including the dive, but that will only attack, and not drive enemies into the ground.

Among the items you can pick up include simply the word "Stinger". When this is picked up, your next attack will instantly defeat the next enemy/enemies you come across. You also get briefcases that can be thrown for damage, and then an item that can be picked up once it opens afterward, usually for points. All weapons are thrown, and never wielded. You can also interact with statues and columns, that can be slid along the ground, like you can with enemies. There are food items for health restoration, and the occasional potion that actually hurts instead.

Bonus games include a whack-a-mole like zombie stomping game in between stages 2 & 3, and a button mashing zombie bowling game between stages 5 & 6.

It's not entirely alien to it, but you don't normally get this kind of a horror setting in a beat 'em up. Especially with a monster hunting vibe to it, like Solomon Kane, or Castlevania.
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PostSubject: Re: [Data East] Night Slashers    Sat Mar 28, 2015 9:57 am

I try to keep any bias out of the main post of these threads, but I feel this game is a really under appreciated, underrated hidden gem in the beat 'em up genre, and should make top # beat 'em up lists more often, around #'s 3-5, no less. It's a really damn good game, that maybe doesn't give the best first impression, as you wouldn't normally think to pull off moves with the jump button during a grab, or the charging the attack button. Once you know what to do, it opens up a lot more, and as I said, I feel like it's one of the best the genre has to offer.
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[Data East] Night Slashers
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