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 [Data East] Edward Randy/The Cliffhanger: Edward Randy

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PostSubject: [Data East] Edward Randy/The Cliffhanger: Edward Randy   Fri Mar 27, 2015 2:10 pm

Arcade (1990):
1-2 players

Button 1: Whip
Button 2: Jump
Down: Crouch

Your attack will turn into downward punches(when jumping or hanging on, it becomes a kick), if you're close enough to the enemy, which seems to be able to attack the rare(I've seriously only seen this with a certain sub-boss duo) fallen enemy as well. You can attack upward with either Up & 1, Up/Left & 1, or Up/Right & 1. You can attack from a crouched position. Down/forward & 2 will roll into a slide kick. Down & 2 will jump down to a lower level, if you're at a higher level. If you're hanging onto a surface(which can happen by attempting to drop to a lower level on certain surfaces, or jumping up to one), 1 will continue attacking, and 2 will pull yourself up. 2, 1 will jump attack. When jump attacking, you can attack in any of the 8 directions, by holding that direction as you press 1. Sometimes you'll latch onto a surface, and swing across, either button should drop you off at the moment you're at when you press it.

In stage 2, you drive a jeep, where the controls are mostly the same, but Down & 1 attack with the Door, and 2 does a side wheelie tire attack, so you lose the 8 directional attack. Up & 2 will jump, for the sake of landing on top of enemy vehicles, and Down & 2 will ram the back half of the jeep into your enemies.

It's a fairly short game, played on a single plane, and hard to determine if it really fits in the beat 'em up genre, but you do spend the game fighting off enemies, which fits the genre's M.O. more than it does any other. It's pretty much an Indiana Jones inspired adrenaline rush of an action game, which is good for killing about a half hour of time.
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[Data East] Edward Randy/The Cliffhanger: Edward Randy
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