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 [Konami] Batman Returns

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PostSubject: [Konami] Batman Returns    Fri Mar 13, 2015 10:37 am

NES (1993):
1 player

B: Punch/Batmobile guns
A: Jump/Batmobile discs
Select: Choose tool

When you have a tool in use(limited batarangs or a grappling hook), Up & B will use it. Down & B gaurds. A, B will jump kick. Down & A will slide kick. B & A simultaneously will whip enemies with Batman's cape, at the cost of HP(as the game itself calls your health meter). As a note, just jumping on them hurts enemies a little, and leaves them stunned. You could effectively beat some just by jumping in place.

Items, which are usually obtained by destroying presents or similar background objects, are collected automatically, by walking over them. The grappling hook has very few, but obvious, uses. One section even forces you to have it ready. The batarangs are probably best saved for bosses, as there's only one instance I noticed in which you even find any extra's. After beating the first stage boss, you get a "box," which is basically an extra life. Getting a heart at full health will restore a used up box. The biker enemies are a little tough to deal with, but a few jump kicks, or if you're willing to sacrifice the health, a well timed cape attack, should do the trick.

The Batmobile segments are like a shoot 'em up. The discs are best saved for enemies that are too high up to shoot.

Among the games issues are that enemies seem to be able to escape to a lower section of the screen that Batman can't follow(it's bad enough when they go off screen in a good number of beat 'em ups, which they also pull here), and the Up/Down moves can mess with the player, as this isn't a single plane game.

You seem to have infinite continues, and passwords(I guess in case you get sick of it, and want to pick it up later). You can only continue from the beginning of the stage before a boss battle.

The good/bad ending, which is barely different, seems to depend on the time you take(maybe the continues you use?).

SNES (1993):
1 player

Y: Attack
B: Jump
A: Item
X: Test Tube
L/R: Guard
(can be changed in the options menu)
Select: Item select (they're infinite this time)

B, Y vertical jump kicks, forward & B, Y horizontal jump kicks, and B or forward & B, Down & Y dives with his arms and cape outstretched. Walk into enemies to grab. During a grab, you have a 3 hit combo with Y, or can slam enemies onto the ground with Left/Right & Y. Depending on whether or not there is a wall in the background, during a grab Up & Y either throws enemies into the wall(smashes glass if thrown into a window) or slams them forward if there isn't a wall. Once an enemy is grabbed, Batman can walk with them. If he grabs a second enemy, Press Y to knock their heads together. Y & B swipes with Batman's cape, which costs him some health.

Batman's items include batarangs, which very temporarily stun enemies(not enough to take advantage of), but can take out bikers, and the grapple hook, which makes him swing and kick at the same time, but has the side effect of costing health if he kicks an enemy. The Test Tube actually doesn't work until you're guarding, so it's really L/R, X, and it takes out all enemies on screen, or heavily damage bosses. You only have 3 per stage, but can collect more if you find them. All items are picked up automatically by walking into them.

There are single plane sections in which the controls change up a little. Y now throws batarangs, and A specifically uses the grappling hook, while forward & A shoots the grappling hook forward. If it grabs onto something, press A again for Batman to pull himself forward. You could essentially keep going by hitting the A button, to get over dangerous floors/pits. Down now crouches. Everything else works the same, except the only jump attacks you have are jumping while throwing batarangs.

There is a Batmobile section, in which you see it from behind, while enemies are in front, and all you do is move Left or Right, and fire discs with Y.

You only have 3 continues this time around.

This is one of those games that you can't see the best ending until you've beaten it on the hardest setting, but the endings are just an image of one of the main villains from the movie, or Batman himself on the hardest difficulty, and some text. So you're really not missing out on a whole hell of a lot by beating the game on a lesser difficulty, unless you really can't stand it taunting you to challenge the next highest difficulty.
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[Konami] Batman Returns
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