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 [Capcom] Alien vs. Predator

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PostSubject: [Capcom] Alien vs. Predator   Thu Mar 12, 2015 10:45 am

(Arcade; 1994)
1-3 players(if emulating, this can be adjusted in the dip switch settings)

There is an SNES Alien vs. Predator beat 'em up, but it isn't this one, isn't by Capcom, and even happens to be a year older.

Button 1: Fire projectile
Button 2: Melee attack/pick up object/use picked up weapon
Button 3: Jump

Right away, Linn can fire her shots off with 1, about 5 times before she needs to reload, which will keep her still for about 3 seconds until she does. The predators and Major Schaefer refill pretty quickly, as long as you don't fire off shots too fast. Otherwise they can still move, but they'll reload much slower. Everyone has a Down, Up & 2 attack. There are special jumps in this game. Left/Right & 3 will do something unique(Major Schaefer will dash farther than just pressing 3. His dash is already an attack, but you can change the attack by pressing 2), Up and 3 will high jump, Up/forward or Up/away & 3 will high jump in that direction(the Up ones are the only way Major Schaefer can jump, which leads to his one jump attack with 2). Linn and the predators can escape backward with away & 3. Linn and the predators have a jump attack with 3(or any jump variation), 2, and an alternate jump attack with forward & 3, 2(If you hold 2 as Linn connects, she'll rebound off the enemy and face the other way. In a tight enough spot she can consistently jump attack enemies by pressing and holding 2 after each rebound). Linn and the predators can dive attack with any jump variation and Down & 2(timed right against multiple, or large, enemies, the player can keep Linn's going for quite a while). Linn also has an air throw by pressing 2 when she and an enemy are in mid jump(or if an enemy is dropping down while she's in mid jump), which can be combined with her dive attack, since it knocks enemies in the air(which keeps her in the air, so the cycle of dive attacking could effectively keep going). The predators have an alternate dive attack with 3, Down & 3. Linn and the predators can wall jump by pressing 3 & the direction toward the wall, and 3 again as they touch the wall. From a wall jump they can perform all their jumping attacks. Everyone has a slide attack with Down & 3, and the predator's goes a further distance with Down/forward & 3(good move for chestbursters and facehuggers, who are too short for just about anything else). Linn has a special move done simply by double tapping Left/Right. Major Schaefer and the predators can grab by walking into enemies. From the grab they can strike combo by repeatedly pressing 2, or slam the enemy into the ground by pressing 3, then 2 at the height of the jump. The predators can pull it off faster and with more force by holding Down & 2 at the height of the jump. While Major Schaefer throws, the predators have a strike knockdown during the grab, with Left/Right & 2. Everyone has a desperation attack with any combination of 2 of the 3 buttons pressed simultaneously.

Default melee weapons can be knocked out of the Linn and the predators hands. This usually just changes the attacks that used the weapons into something a little different, but in Linn's case, she'll lose her dive attack. The same trio seem to have this move where they'll leg sweep counter attack(noticeable by a blue flame) when an enemy tries to attack them from behind, while they're in the middle of attacking.

One item that's worth mentioned is the Super Magazine. It looks like ammo with a yellow/orange triangle over it. When this is picked up, the characters projectile weapon is infinite for 10 seconds, and 1 can be held the entire time for rapid fire. Another would be the disc weapon(recognizable from Predator 2, which is what got this particular license crossover going in the first place). As long as you're not moving/attacking when it comes back to you, you can use this weapon over and over again.

Again, license turned Capcom beat 'em up, a fair amount of gore, especially just before the final boss. This is probably the most cinematic of all of Capcom's beat 'em ups, and they have a fair amount of cut scenes in the others. Fans of the original Predator movie will recognize Arnold Schwarzenegger's character, Major Alan "Dutch" Schaefer, who has transformed into a cyborg, with a cybernetic arm with a large gun attached to it(he's the strong character). Lieutenant Linn Kurosawa, a female cyborg(though none of her enhancements are visible, she is noticeably the most agile character in a game that includes alien warrior hunters in it's playable roster, but is considered the most "skillful") who comes with her own katana, was created specifically for this game. The Predator Warrior comes equipped with a simple spear, and the Predator Hunter comes with a spear with blades on both ends(the fastest characters in the game, according to their stats, but also the most balanced beyond that, with the Hunter being stronger, and the Warrior being more skillful).
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[Capcom] Alien vs. Predator
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