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 [Avit] X-Men: Mutant Wars

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PostSubject: [Avit] X-Men: Mutant Wars   Thu Oct 19, 2017 10:07 am

Based on the Marvel Comics series.

Game Boy Color (2000, published by Activision)
1 player

This game can be tough due to how relentless flying enemies can be, as you're dealing with other enemies at the same time. As a single plane game, it has that Kung Fu Master kind of thing going on, where the enemies seem to randomly spawn. The game has a bit of an adventure vibe, as you're looking for a red key in each stage(though sometimes an enemy can drop it), which has a number of alternative paths, but the main path always leads to the boss at the far right. It has a password/infinite continue feature, and a boss rush "Fight Mode." Wolverine has the most moves, but the others have projectile attacks, and can fight from a safer distance. Storm may be the favorite, as her attack is a character sized tornado, versus everyone else's smaller projectiles/Wolverine's close range attacks.
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[Avit] X-Men: Mutant Wars
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