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 [Kemco] Batman Beyond: Return of the Joke

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PostSubject: [Kemco] Batman Beyond: Return of the Joke   Thu Oct 12, 2017 12:04 pm

Based on an animated movie based on futuristic animated series in which an elderly Bruce Wayne guides Terry McGinnis through crime fighting as he wears a high-tech Batman suit.

Game Boy Color (2000, published in North America and Europe by Ubisoft)
1 player

rest of the controls:
B, A - jump kick
B & A - fast, short range jump kick
A on weapon select screen - select the highlighted item
Up - press up against the wall(not sure what it does, maybe hide from non-bosses?)/enter door

This one is hard to gauge. On the one hand, it has adventure elements, such as non-linear level design, items that are found(picked up by walking over them) to be used at the appropriate place, loads of cut scenes, and a password feature. On the other hand, the password doesn't kick until you're past stage 1, it has the multi-plane movement that's usually associated with beat 'em ups, lives(with infinite continues), and it has it's share of moments when you can't pass until all the enemies are defeated. Also items are often in crates that can't be opened by regular attacks, so you need to equip weapons on select screen to break them open.
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[Kemco] Batman Beyond: Return of the Joke
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