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 [Tom Create] Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

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PostSubject: [Tom Create] Mighty Morphin Power Rangers   Thu Oct 12, 2017 10:26 am

Based on the TV show. These are single plane games, so they feel more akin to Kung Fu Master or Vigilante. Also, if you're playing on/emulating something that gives them color, you may want to choose the ranger whose armor color you can tolerate the most, as it usually dictates what the background looks like.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Game Boy (1995, published by Bandai)
1 player

B - punch
A - jump
A, B - jump kick
Down - crouch
Down, B - low punch
Select - weapon(replaces punches with better range, but costs health/"power")

Infinite continues, but you have to make sure your character if facing "Yes" while "no" is highlighted before you can. Sometimes when you're underneath a window a bomb will drop, usually faster than you can move your character out of it's way. Items are picked up by walking over them, though all I've personally been able to see is an invincibility icon(has an "S" in the middle).

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie

Game Boy (1995, published by Bandai)
1 player

B - attack
A - jump
A, B - jump attack
Down - crouch
Down, B - low attack
Select - armor/screen clear (Power meter below health, fills when enemies are defeated, or you collect a lightning bolt icon. Becomes screen clear after getting armored up)
double tap Left/Right - dash attack (armored only)

Attacks alternate between kicks and punches, no matter how you attack. Items are picked up by walking over them, and mostly include lightning bolts for the power meter and hearts for health. Like Mega Man, you can pick a boss, and their accompanying stage. There are infinite continues. Some stages are a straight walk to the boss/sub-boss, and some are more obstacle oriented. One area that's incredibly difficult, as an example of what you'll go through in this game, has 3 vertical layers of walls that you have to destroy through multiple horizontal layers, while a machine with a spikey bit is chasing after your character, all while the attacks are alternating between punch and kick. Only a standing punch will break the upper layer, a standing kick or crouching punch will break the middle layer, and only a low kick will break the low layer. This is preceded by an area with ceiling/floor spikes and conveyor belts.
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[Tom Create] Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
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