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 [Capcom] The King of Dragons

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PostSubject: [Capcom] The King of Dragons   Sat Mar 07, 2015 12:29 pm

(Arcade, SNES; 1991)
1-3 players

Button 1/Y: Attack
Button 2/B: Jump

As either the Fighter, Cleric, or Dwarf, press away as you're about to get hit to guard(You can set it up as either A, L, or R in the options on the SNES). 2/B, 1/Y jump attacks, and 1 & 2 simultaneously(X on the SNES) desperation attacks. Other than that, you can attack floating orbs to use magic spells, which are often like the desperation attacks, but obviously don't use life. Every character's attack has a bit of range to them, but the Wizard's attack goes about half screen, and the Elf's attack travels about 2/3 the screen.

There are 16 fairly short stages. Some bosses repeat, some repeat as double enemies, and 1 even becomes something of a recurring regular enemy. Every level allows you to choose a character, so if one wishes, they can try everyone out at least 3 times, and 1 character a 4th. Food and potions restore health, which are picked up automatically by walking over them, same as money and jewels, which add to your score. Some treasure chests(which open by being attacked) are enemies.

Score works like experience here, which only improves your health upon level up. However, within some chests, either during the game or after defeated bosses, are improved weapons/armor, which acts as though they've leveled up as well. They improve everyone, so there's no need to have to play as another character to get their weapon leveled up. At different rates, they all seem to level up when not in use as well.

The SNES version has an item that can increase your continues, where you start with 3, which come with about 6 lives each, so that item is worth seeking out when you can.

This is Capcom's 2nd game to bring RPG elements to the beat 'em up genre(1st being Dynasty Wars/Tenchi wo Kurau). As such, it's more simple than Knights of the Round and the D&D games. The gameplay variety seems to come from having different spells orb to attack, to help clear the screen, more than anything you can actually do with the games controls. That said, it doesn't overstay it's welcome, in spite of having 16 stages(the last really just being a boss battle anyway).
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[Capcom] The King of Dragons
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