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 [MTO] Dancing Sword: Senkou

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PostSubject: [MTO] Dancing Sword: Senkou   Thu Aug 31, 2017 8:22 am

Japan exclusive.

Game Boy Advance (2003)
1 player

B - weapon
A - kick/pick up items
L - guard
Start - pause
Select during pause - combo display
Up/Down during combo display - show different combos
double tap Left/Right - dash
dash, B - dash attack
dash, A - jump and land facing the other way(a good way to get behind enemies, which is helpful if they guard).

You have 5 female characters to choose from. Good scoring can lead to extra lives. You can not proceed at certain points until you learn the timing of the combos, which are all element based. The hint for the timing is if you try them as you see them in the combo display, the game will demonstrate it, but it's not easy to figure out.
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[MTO] Dancing Sword: Senkou
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