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 [Arcade Zone LTD] Iron Commando: Kotetsu no Senshi

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PostSubject: [Arcade Zone LTD] Iron Commando: Kotetsu no Senshi   Mon Aug 14, 2017 9:21 pm

Super Famicom (1995, published by Pop)
1-2 players(game defaults on sharing lives)

Y - attack
B/forward & B - jump attack(different animations)
X - pick up items
B, A - grenades(limited amount, starts with 4, clears the screen)
walk into enemy - grab
grab, Y - strike combo (honestly, that's about it, you might end the combo on a different move if holding a direction, but you're always going to be striking first)
grab, B, Y - jump with enemy and attack
Select - pause (just felt the need to point out that Select does it, while Start does nothing in-game)

It has a 1940's aesthetic to it, but at the same time, the art style screams Capcom arcade ripoff, especially Punisher. It even has guns, but it's handled more like other beat 'em ups, as pick ups with limited ammo, instead of shooting at other enemies when they show up with a gun.
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[Arcade Zone LTD] Iron Commando: Kotetsu no Senshi
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