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 [Sun L/Banpresto] The Great Battle games

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PostSubject: [Sun L/Banpresto] The Great Battle games   Mon Aug 14, 2017 9:19 pm

The Great Battle II: Last Fighter Twin

Be careful, there's a game called The Great Battle Gaiden 2: Matsuri da Wasshoi, which is a platformer/adventure(it has a password system) with some mini games, and may be titled "The Great Battle 2" in rom collections, while this one may just be titled "Last Fighter Twin" in rom collections.

Super Famicom (1992, Banpresto)
1-2 players

Y - jump
B - kick
A - punch(chop for Fighter Roar)/pick up items/pick up enemies on the ground(Y, B, or A to throw them)
hold A for a few seconds - projectile (costs health for some reason)
Y, B - jump kick
walk in to enemy - grab(you don't have long to act)
grab, forward/away & Y - throw
Select - change character(everyone shares the life bar, so this is more of a cosmetic change)
double tap Left/Right - run
run, B - slide kick
R - select level of super move (requires at least 4 pink/purple orbs underneath the health bar per level, picked up by capsules with an "E" in them. 12 in total, for 3 levels of super moves)
L - cancel super move selection
X - use super move

Blue potions restore health. Red potions instantly add 4 orbs/1 level of super moves. Grab throws or slide kicks are the most likely moves to get enemies prone to being picked up off the ground, without defeating them first.

The Great Battle III

Super Famicom (1993, developed by Sun L, published by Banpresto)
1-2 player(including vs.)

Y - attack
hold Y until parts of the characters outfit turns white, let go - special (no health drain)
B - jump
B, Y - jump attack
X - guard
double tap Left/Right - run (feels better, easier to pull off this time)
walk into enemy - grab(seems even less likely than the previous game)
grab, Y - throw
L/R - select item
A - use item

Enemies drop money this time, so items are bought in shops(there are clear enough signs, so just walk Up into one).

These games are part of the much larger(as in there's been 3DS, PSP, & PS3/Vita games), very varied(there are platformers, sports games, RPG's, strategy, racing, Pachinko, a Bomberman clone, etc.) Compati Hero Series, which crosses over Ultraman, Kamen Rider, and Gundam, while Banpresto created their own character, Fighter Roar, for this series.
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Posts : 261
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PostSubject: Re: [Sun L/Banpresto] The Great Battle games   Thu Mar 08, 2018 10:43 am

These games now have translation patches(as well as the rest of the SNES part of the series):
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[Sun L/Banpresto] The Great Battle games
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