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 [Cream] Cosmo Police Galivan II: Arrow of Justice

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PostSubject: [Cream] Cosmo Police Galivan II: Arrow of Justice   Mon Aug 14, 2017 9:04 pm

Super Famicom (1993, published by Nichibutsu)
1-2 players(2p in fighting mode only)

A - attack/cancel
Up & A - uppercut
B - low attack/choose/pick up objects
X - skill
Y - jump
Y/forward & Y, A - jump attack(different animation with forward or not)
L/R - guard
double tap Left/Right - dash(most likely only for escape)

When you pick a character, right away you can distribute 8 points to their stats(16 total). You can do it again in between stages. Among the different things that can be done with X are:
Grab, throw, and hold it down for 3 seconds for a special attack. Some items, mainly health restoration, are picked up automatically.

If you're going to play this one, I would recommend making some changes to the controls in the options menu, since Y & A to jump attack is really strange.
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[Cream] Cosmo Police Galivan II: Arrow of Justice
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