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 [Electronic Devices/3D Games] Mug Smashers

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PostSubject: [Electronic Devices/3D Games] Mug Smashers   Sun Aug 06, 2017 12:14 pm

Electronic Devices is/was an Italian studio, while 3D Games is/was a British one.

Arcade (1990)
1-2 players:

button 1 - punch/pick up items/use weapons(mostly guns, but there are some melee weapons)
button 2 - jump/other weapons(boomerang)/throw weapons used by 1
button 3 - kick
forward & 1 - jumping elbow(player 1 character only)
forward & 2 - long distance somersault(can't be turn into an attack)
forward & 3 - handstand kick(player 1 character only)
2, 1 - jump kick(yeah, with the punch button)
2 & 3 desperation(turns into a tornado viz Taz, that the player can control, for about 4 seconds, only loses health if it connects)
double tap Left/Right - run
run, 1 - jumping elbow/running punch
run, 2 - side jump kick/jumping straight kick
run, 3 - regular kick
walk into enemy - grab
grab, 1 - throw

Button mashing mini games to restore health, and gain more score. There does appear to be at least one pickup that can hurt your characters, a flashing box with a black skull on it. The alternate running moves are what the 2nd player character does.
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Posts : 261
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PostSubject: Re: [Electronic Devices/3D Games] Mug Smashers   Sun Aug 06, 2017 12:15 pm

A little crude looking for it's time of release, but surprisingly fun anyway.
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[Electronic Devices/3D Games] Mug Smashers
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