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 [Rare] Battletoads series

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PostSubject: [Rare] Battletoads series   August 3rd 2017, 08:41

NES (1991 in North America & Japan, 1993 in Europe and South America, published by Tradewest in North America and Europe, published by NCS in Japan, and published by Playtronic in South America), Genesis(1991 in North America, 1993 everywhere else, developed by Arc System Works, published by Tradewest in North America & Europe, published by Sega in Japan, Australia, and Asia, and published by TecToy in South America), Game Boy[as Battletoads in Ragnarok World] (1993, published by Tradewest), Amiga(1992, Europe only, published by Mindscape), Amiga CD32(1994, Europe only, published by Mindscape), & Game Gear(1993 in North America and Europe, 1994 in Japan, developed by Arc System Works, published by Tradewest in North America, and Sega in Europe & Japan).

(^NES, courtesy of The Gamers Dungeon)

Game Boy(1991 in North America, 1993 in Europe, and 1994 in Japan. Published by Tradewest in North America & Europe, and NCS in Japan)

(^at least I hope that's not Ragnarok World, courtesy of Pinterest)

Battletoads in Battlemaniacs:
SNES(1993 in North America, Europe, and Australia, 1994 in Japan, Published by Tradewest in North America & Europe, published by Nintendo in Australia, & published by NCS in Japan), & Game Gear[just "Battlemaniacs"](1993, South America only, published by TecToy)

(^SNES, courtesy of Pinterest)

Arcade (1994, published by Electronic Arts)

Battletoads/Double Dragon:
NES(1993, published by Tradewest), Genesis(1993, published by Tradewest in North America, and TecToy in South America), SNES(1993, published by Tradewest) & Game Boy(1993, published by Tradewest in North America and Sony Imagesoft in Europe)

(^Genesis, with some sort of HD filter through an emulator, courtesy of gamefabrique)

1-2 players(handheld versions 1 player only)

They all pretty much control the same, one button attacks/picks up weapons, the other jumps, combine the 2 for a jumping punch/slash(the latter being much more effective). How much of it remains a beat 'em up depends on the game, but realistically speaking, the arcade game and the Double Dragon crossover are the 2 major reasons for this thread. Most of these games veer off into other directions with vehicle/racing portions, rappelling sections, obstacle courses, shooting, even flat out platforming. In all, it's mostly a very challenging, general action series of games.
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PostSubject: Re: [Rare] Battletoads series   August 4th 2017, 00:17

Farthest I've gotten in Battletoads was Stage 6. Like the AVGN video, I never liked the fact that just because 1 player loses all their lives despite the other player have lives left, the game goes to the continue screen. It should have been like in TMNT II and III where the continue screen doesn't show up until both players run out of lives. Someone might think that Battletoads was created as a slap in the face to people who were interested in anything that remotely resembled the Ninja Turtles. When the NES version was released in Japan, some parts of the game became easier in a way that makes them more boring, like the obstacle courses producing obstacles less frequently, and replacing all the blue ramps with more pink ramps. The Genesis version's difficulty is basically between the NES and Famicom versions, retaining the blue ramps, but slower obstacles, except the robots in Stage 9 still don't explode on contact.

Ragnarok's World is the Gameboy version of the first Battletoads game, the screenshot pictured is the Gameboy-exclusive Battletoads game. This and the arcade game are the ones where you don't fight Dark Queen, and Robo Manus is the final boss. This Speed Demos Archive page has details describing some of the strategies for dealing with waves of enemies and bosses, and also how the items work.

Here's an amazing Battletoads speedrun by our friend, The Mexican Runner:

I had the nerve to make my own Battletoads clone, as I wanted to create something out of a beat 'em up engine I made. It included replicas of Turbo Tunnel and Volkmire Inferno's obstacle courses, and you got to practice them in test drive mode. What I wanted was a more 2-player friendly Battletoads game.
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[Rare] Battletoads series
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