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 [Jaleco] Samurai-Fighter Shingen/Shingen Samurai-Fighter/Takeda Shingen

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PostSubject: [Jaleco] Samurai-Fighter Shingen/Shingen Samurai-Fighter/Takeda Shingen   Thu Jul 13, 2017 5:33 pm

Arcade (1988):
1-2 players

The 2nd title is what MAME is most likely to go with.

button 1 - attack Left
button 2 - attack Right
button 3 - jump
3, 1/2 - jump attack in respective direction
1 & 2 - (seems to be a defensive stance, but won't stop attacks from dealing damage)
Down & 1 & 2 - crouching upward slash(seems to almost exclusively aim to the Right)

There are various objects that can be collected, but the ones that stand out are blue squares with 4 white star-like symbols on them, which restore health, orange diamond shapes with a "p" in the center, which considerably makes your character stronger(smaller enemies die in one hit), and the letters of the word "samurai." The latter are collected in pairs(except for the "i" which comes with a symbol), usually left behind by defeated large enemies, and each of the 4 icons that make up the word powers your character up in some way. When the whole word is collected, the characters fire projectile attacks, which makes fighting much easier. This is negated entirely when it's time for a boss battle though.

This game is one hell of a quarter-muncher. It takes place in the Samurai era, and I'm not sure how unique that is for hack 'n slash side of the genre, but I guess it wasn't seen too often in the 2D era.
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[Jaleco] Samurai-Fighter Shingen/Shingen Samurai-Fighter/Takeda Shingen
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