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 [SNK] The Super Spy

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PostSubject: [SNK] The Super Spy   Tue Jul 11, 2017 11:52 am

Arcade, Neo-Geo, & Neo-Geo CD (1990):
1 player:

Button 1 - punch/weapon
button 2 - kick
button 3 - change weapon
Up - walk into doors/up corridors
Down - duck/crouch

This is almost more of a first person adventure, with some RPG elements(an experience system for leveling), but most of the action is melee, and there are tons of enemies. You also can't seem to progress any further until enemies are defeated, which is pretty much what defines beat 'em ups, after melee action. Walking through doors usually leads you to people who will talk about what's going on, or possibly even give you weapons. You have power and accuracy stats that improve upon level up.
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[SNK] The Super Spy
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