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 [SNK] Mutation Nation

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PostSubject: [SNK] Mutation Nation   Tue Jul 11, 2017 11:08 am

Arcade, Neo-Geo, & Neo-Geo CD (1992):
1-2 players

button 1 - attack
button 2 - jump
2,1 - jump kick(different animation if you hit it at the height of the jump, in which your character starts to somersault)
2 & 1 - rising attack

Hold 1 until the meter under the health bar charges and release it for a special, which takes 2 bars of health(so obviously you can't do this when your characters health is in the red), unless you pick up a limited special item. Then it uses that item until it runs out. Picking up yellow orbs give more use of the special attack items. The special attack items all start off with 3 uses. Your character is completely immobile while charging it, but if you hold the button down longer, you can move him around, if the move needs more accuracy. If you get your character in close enough while attacking normally, they do a grab and attack, but that's the closest this game comes to having a grab. Bosses(not including sub-bosses) are the only enemies that have health bars.
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Posts : 260
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PostSubject: Re: [SNK] Mutation Nation   Tue Jul 11, 2017 11:09 am

This is another one that I find to be pretty fun in spite of it's simplicity.
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[SNK] Mutation Nation
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