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 [Taito] Dungeon Magic/Light Bringer

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PostSubject: [Taito] Dungeon Magic/Light Bringer   Mon Jul 04, 2016 7:59 pm

Arcade (1993):
1-4 players(you can change this in MAMEs F2 button diswitch settings, but it defaults on one of the 4 player modes, which allows the players to choose their characters, so I'd leave it as is.)

Note: The Japanese version, Light Bringer, is the parent rom in MAME, so far.

Ash(white and red knight, average), Gren(blue martial artist, strong), Cisty(green elf, most agile, most ranged charge attacks), Vold(purple wizard, strongest charge attacks, upon getting improved weapons)

Button 1: Attack(repeat for a combo)/pick up weapon or shield/interact with switch
Hold 1 until the playable character glows white, then release: Charge attack
Hold 1 until the playable character glows Yellow, then release: Improved charge attack
Button 2: Jump
2, 1: Jump Attack
2, Down & 1: Dive attack (Gren)
1 & 2: Special (requires magic stock. Each life starts with 3, and an item that looks like a yellow orb with a green lightning bolt going through it gives you more)
Left, Left/Right, Right: Dash
Dash, 1: Dash attack
Walk into enemies: Grab
Grab 1, or Grab, Up/Down & 1: Strike(repeat for a combo)
Grab, Left/Right & 1: Throw (Away does something different for Gren)

Most items are picked up by walking into them. There are some light RPG elements to it, actual experience/level ups, but I'm not sure the levels actually do much to improve the characters. It has an isometric view(as you can see from the image above). Weapon upgrades are usually elemental, and can boost the charge attacks because of it. If you don't recklessly destroy crates/barrels, you can place them to be able to jump on them to reach higher ground, which may yield more rewards. There's an in-game map, which often gives you choices as to which rooms you want to enter to move closer toward the boss. Breakable objects may be trapped. There's a decent amount of puzzle solving as well. Nothing brain teasing, as this is still an arcade beat 'em up, but still. You're expected to pull levers, or find switches than need an object on, or, more likely, off of them.

Hackum's guide goes into the finer details of the games overall mechanics:
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Posts : 261
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PostSubject: Re: [Taito] Dungeon Magic/Light Bringer   Mon Jul 04, 2016 8:01 pm

I don't know which one I'd say was better, but this and Warrior Blade are easily Taito's best beat 'em ups, in my opinion.
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[Taito] Dungeon Magic/Light Bringer
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