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 Streets of Rage 3 Background Palettes (Incomplete)

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PostSubject: Streets of Rage 3 Background Palettes (Incomplete)   Thu Jun 30, 2016 10:00 pm

If you have the tool Palettes of Rage, put the contents of this ZIP folder into the guides folder for Palettes of Rage. The guide is still in progress, and you can read the notes below for more details.

- As of now, there are only pictures for a few palettes, as the picture guides need to be worked on.
- This guide will only work for the American and European versions of Streets of Rage 3, since Bare Knuckle III uses different palette addresses.
- The character selection screen background seems to have a different palette from that of the main menu's, which I have not been able to find so far.
- Still missing palettes for the intro, cutscenes, character bios screens, ending, and anything else that may come to mind.
- Some scenes have background colors that are isolated from the level palettes they go with, and I could not change the colors in Palettes of Rage. I wrote the addresses down anyway, but you should try to use  Game Genie/Pro Action Replay Codes. For the values of the codes, use Genesis/Mega Drive color values (keep reading for more info on that).
Example: 034DA8:0000 is a the code for a black background for the Back Alley Scene, where 034DA8 is an address and 0000 is a value.
- Use RGBGen (link below) to convert RGB color values to Genesis/Mega Drive color values.
- The guide being incomplete could mean that there are errors. Please post any guide errors you may find in this topic, preferably along with any solutions.

Palettes of Rage (Candra Software's Mirror)

RGBGen (Candra Software's Mirror)

SoR3 Backgrounds Guide download/v29k5cg0136yuaf/
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The author of this message was banned from the forum - See the message
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PostSubject: Re: Streets of Rage 3 Background Palettes (Incomplete)   

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Streets of Rage 3 Background Palettes (Incomplete)
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